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Industrial Applications

Amec Industries / Promotion

While Amec Industries carefully examines the disadvantages of the systems operating in the market of many well-known and proven European and American manufacturers, it also manufactures more capable machines by taking into account the demands from the customers.

Many features offered as optional in European and American manufacturers are offered as standard by Amec Industries.

Many companies around the world produce oxygen and nitrogen generators using PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology. Amec Industries produces based on this technique. 

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Since gases such as liquids and solids are not palpable and invisible, the amount and purity of the gas produced by the oxygen / nitrogen generator is determined by sensors. We know and see that many manufacturers around the world are manipulating their customers and delivering gas generators of much smaller capacities instead of the real thing.

All of our gas generators are subjected to performance tests by calibrated analyzers in company with you. 

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We guarantee the purity of each oxygen / nitrogen generator you purchase. There is never room for low purity gas in the product tank!


Modular Oxygen Generator

Oxygen production capacity can be increased,

CO, CO2 and Dew Point analyzer

Intake air quality control and protection system according to ISO 8573

Oxygen purity control and low purity protection system

Pressure and flow control for intake air 

Aluminum molecular sieve tanks

Low energy consumption and minimal footprint

Siemens PLC and KTP 700 touch screen - Standard

95% Oxygen Purity


Production capacity can be increased.

It offers energy saving with its low air consumption rate.

How do we work?

We listen to you

We check your capacity together,

We discuss the working conditions,

We submit our technical proposal, after we agree,

We forward our commercial offer,

We fulfill our manufacturing commitment on time,

We complete the performance tests,

We pack in accordance with the mode of transport,

We don't send broken,  broken, untested product,

We do not produce products that deteriorate after a few months of operation,

We train your technical personnel for maintenance and repair,

We enable you to work with maximum efficiency,


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We listen to you and design the system you need. We're not trying to take money out of your pocket, we're telling you the facts costs.

We present our offers by adding profit at a reasonable rate on top of our costs. Be sure that there is not much difference in cost between us and the most well-known manufacturer you can think of. Why would you pay more for the same capacity system?

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We do not mislead you about delivery times. We take the order and we do not forget about you.

We always have oxygen & nitrogen generators, oil-free gas compressors, tanks, filters, compressors, dryers, chassis, containers, etc. in our stocks.  

Export to Country

Completed Project








Modular Oxygen & Nitrogen Generator

PSA Nitrogen Generator

Epoxy painted CMS tanks

nitrogen homogenization tank

Intake air quality control and protection system according to ISO 8573

Gas purity control and low purity protection system

Pressure and flow control for inlet air

Low energy consumption

Suitable for heavy-duty operation

Siemens PLC and KTP 700 touch screen - Standard


99.9999 % Gas Purity

Suitable for heavy working conditions

original design


Oxygen and nitrogen generators are gradually replacing liquid and cylinder gas supply methods. It minimizes carbon emissions caused by logistics and other components during gas supply, and is an environmentally friendly method of supply. 

Our oxygen and nitrogen generators are a good option for uninterrupted, clean and economical gas production. Although the production of oxygen and nitrogen generators may seem mechanically easy, a good level of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanical and electronic knowledge and experience is required for the correct production of the system. Gas generators produced by companies that do not have this competence cause great problems.
When choosing an oxygen and nitrogen generator, it is the right method to consider the issue comprehensively.

All products manufactured by AMEC Industries undergo extensive testing prior to delivery. We offer you economical and high quality systems with our experienced engineer staff.

Usage areas

- Welding and cutting with oxygen

- Glass production

- Porcelain production

- Ozone generator

- Purification of wastewater

- Health sector

Usage areas

- Medical

- Oil and natural gas

- Mining - Aviation

- Chemical

- Pharmaceutical Industry

- Electronics

Usage areas

- Laser cutting

- Maritime

- Metallurgy

- Plastic manufacture

- Agriculture

- Sea products

Oxygen Filling Compressor

5-15 bar inlet pressure

Multiple systems that can be increased with capacities of 15, 30, 50 m3/hour

150 and 200 bar filling pressure

100% oil free design

Long o-ring life

Zirconium oxygen analyzer - Optional

Siemens PLC and KTP 700 touch screen - Optional


Direct coupled engine-crankshaft connection

Capacity control with inverter - optional

Hybrid cooling technology

You can download our catalog by clicking on the side image.

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