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Industrial Applications


Laser Cutting Nitrogen Production System

Our compactly designed PROLASER  Our Nitrogen Production Systems are designed for businesses that have space problems. 


Prolaser Nitrogen Production Systems are delivered complete with all mechanical and electrical fabrications. 

There is no need for any electrical and mechanical assembly after shipment.  

All equipment required for the operation of the system are located in the sound and heat insulated cabin. 


Prolaser Nitrogen Production Systems take up little space, are easy to transport and the commissioning procedure is very simple.  It can be produced for any capacity.

Please contact our sales engineer for your requests.

99.999% Nitrogen Purity

150- 200 bar Nitrogen Output Pressure

Plug & Play System

Siemens S7-1200 PLC and Siemens KTP 700 - 7" Touch Control Panel

Delivered with all electrical and mechanical assemblies completed.


Compact design, minimal space requirement

Heavy-duty design


Technicial Specifications

  • Built-in air compressor, screw

  • Built-in air dryer

  • Built-in exhaust fan

  • Siemens S7-1200 PLC , Siemens KTP 700 - 7" Touch Screen

  • fresh air vents

  • earth connection

  • Internal electrical panel, piping and wiring.

  • Easy to carry with lifting ears,

  • Built-in Modular Nitrogen Generator

  • 150 or 200 bar outlet pressure

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