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Industrial Applications


Compressed Air Dryer

Refrigerant type dryers are used to separate the water vapor in the compressed air from the compressed air by condensing it.

Compressed air dryers have three different working principles as membrane, desiccant and refrigerant type.

Compressed air can be dried up to +3 C dew point in refrigerant type dryers, while it can be dried down to -40 and -70 C dew values in desiccant type air dryers.

Desiccant air dryers are divided into two types: with air loss and without air loss (with heater). In both models, the degree of dryness can reach -40 or -70 C. 

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+3 C Dewpoint Value

Maximum efficiency in harsh environments with R 134 A refrigerant,

High efficiency with plate type evaporator,

Capacity control with inverter  - Optional

-20 / +20 C Dewpoint Analyzer  - Optional

The values given are calculated according to 7 bar inlet pressure, 25 C ambient temperature, 35 C inlet air temperature.

Correction Factors

Inlet Air Pressure

Ambient temperature

Inlet Air Temperature

Dewpoint / Capacity

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